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Birds of a Feather Love Card



Celebrate your unique relationship with a unique Valentine’s Day card.

  • The soft, baby pink with bright turquoise, black, and white turns this custom Valentine’s Day card into a delicate beauty fit for your special someone.
  • The QR code inside this personalized Valentine’s Day card shares a message more special than anything you could write — it shares a video of you expressing your love!
  • Don’t stress about shipping or an envelope. We’ll take care of both for you when you order this unique Valentine’s Day card.
When birds fall in love, who are we to disallow it? Just because they don’t have lips doesn’t mean they can’t show affection for each other! If you and your partner are a pair of lovebirds, then this unique Valentine’s Day card is just right. Use the QR code inside to chirp about your love for your special someone, and then get ready for a day full of fun on Valentine’s Day! Shop with QR code cards from Say More Cards to make it happen.
  • FRONT: Love
  • INSIDE: Blank
  • 5” x 7”
  • Envelope included
  • Shipping included

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